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The Ventriloquist DMX MP3/WAV Player

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SkullTroniX has just released their latest product, The Ventriloquist.

You can finally have centralized control over all of your sound effects. The Ventriloquist is quite simply the best and most cost effective method of installing remote sound effects and controlling them from one location.

The Ventriloquist is just $199, less than a third of the only competing product and it is a much better product to boot!

Please take a look at The Ventriloquist DMX MP3 Player by SkullTroniX for more information and to order.

Shipping now!. Group buys are available on this SkullTroniX product.


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Scary Jerry,
Isn't the Exorcist and the DMxercist capable of having 8 seperate sound outputs, with a 7.1 sound card? So would the advantage of Ventriloquist be that you do not need to run 8 pairs of speaker wires from the central computer and that you can add more than 8 sound locations?
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