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The Ultimate Haunt Customer

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They drove almost 300miles to get here. He told me that I had spent quite awhile on the phone with him answering his many questions.
He told me that in a haunt, his "friends" pushed him ahead into the dark where someone with a chainsaw wa s waiting, he was scared and punched "Mr. Chainsaw!"
This young man is tall, muscular, handsome and 19?
After their tour was over I began trying to count, room by room how many times he fearfully reacted during the "Show"?
His showing of fear amounted to him yelling very loudly, then saying loudly:
"WTF was that?". At every corner, every doorway (and many other locations!)
I think I may have lost-count at 25.(And each and every one of them was right in front of his Mother! Mom got scares too!
..And.. "Jim" never got punched!
(I sure wish that he lived closer!)
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