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For the uninitiated, this bizarre tradition has been going on for many years at the Unorthodox household.

As many children are, my oldest was infatuated with dinosaurs. Way back in 2001, we were planning a Bday party for him, and since he disliked cake, I was making sugar cookies for his bday party. Alongside, I was making some for neighbor/famliy gifts as well (son born Dec 23rd). Anyhow, that year there was a little christmas thing at the church and all the young kids were to draw a picture and stand up and tell which animals were in the stable with Jesus. There's a little lamb, and a donkey and etc. My son thrusts his picture into the air loudly declaring "IT'S A T-REX RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!"

Thus I began the story of the Three Wise T-Rex who waited for the Shepherds to leave so they could eat the flocks. Ever since, I always cut out 3 T-Rex when making our christmas sugar cookies.

Fast forward 4 years, my middle son's turn on the stage, only this time they kids had been given a story how all the animals ALSO brought gifts for baby Jesus. The sheep gave it's wool to keep the baby warm, and the donkey the manger, and etc I don't remember it all. Thus CLEARLY the T-Rex NEEDED to have a GIFT to bring as well. And so I added to the story: They brought the gift of Christmas Trees.

From there, it's become this crowd sourced story that just keeps growing.

There are at least 2 T-Rex carols (We Three Kings of Jurassic Are, God Rest Ye Starving T-Rexes), and an official poem at this point. (I'm kinda passively looking for an illustrator on the poem)

A Visit from the Three T-Rexes
by Zkribbler

Once before Christmas, a long time ago,
Three starving T-Rexes, filled with sadness and woe,
Drooled down at a sheep flock, so tasty and good.
They’d eat them in a second, if only they could.

But the shepherds watched o’r their flocks carefully.
So t’was no chance for snacking for T-Rexes three.
Then in the skies to the East, a wonder glowed bright
A star with a tail slipped soft through the night.

The shepherds gazed up, agog and amazed,
At the cold new-born star as it silently blazed.
They saw wise men three, upon camels and horse,
Ride toward a stable — rustic, common and coarse.

At the door, they all halted, these kings from the East,
Faced with a setting of hay, straw and beast.
They offered up frankincense, gold coins and myrrh.
They bowed down and worshiped, their treasures conferred.

From out of the stable, came a warbling cry
Of a new-babe’s complaining of his diaper, not dry.
The shepherds discussed what they ought to do
And they soon decided; they should go too.

So away from their sheep flocks, shepherds hurried that night
To behold in the stable that most curious sight.
And lo, they soon found in the stable nearby
Mary and Joseph and the source of the cry.

The Messiah had come, bringing hope to the world
His halo glowed bright; His great glory unfurled.
Like the Kings from the East, Shepherds bowed and they prayed.
To the world’s newest King, in swaddling handmade.

But up on the hillside, dinos chuckled and danced,
For the absence of shepherds provided their chance.
Down from the hillside with a most horrible screech!
The three dinos charged, grabbing each sheep in reach.

They chomped them. They bit them. They gobbled them up.
Sheep’s bleating. Good eating! A grand way to sup!
The flock tried to flee, but T-Rexes are fast.
They devoured them all, each one, to the last.

And after the last sheep’s blood did squirt,
T-Rexes looked ‘round for a tasty dessert.
O’r the hilltops, three kings rode away.
Hmmm, just the thing—three royal fillet.

With a bellow that shook the whole desert landscape,
The dinos charged forth; There’d be no escape.
The kings saw them coming and tried running away,
But hunting down kings was simple child’s play.

Melchior was munched, and Caspar gulped down;
Balthazar eaten whole (except for his crown).
T-Rexes stood grinning while spitting out jewels.
For wise men, it seems, taste exactly like fools.

The dinos discussed then what they should do next,
Three well-fed and happy Tyrannosaur Rex.
“That babe’s been a boon to our fate here tonight.
We should thank him profusely; T'would be only right.”

“We need to bring gifts, for He too is King.”
“I think that I’ve got it! I know just the thing!”
The dino ripped out a nearby pine tree,
And lickety-split, soon there were three.

Each of the T-Rexes held their trees by their stems
And covered them over with jewelry and gems,
The trees in the moonlight did sparkle and glow
Gifts for a king, theirs to bestow.

Three crowns topped the trees; silk sashes hung ‘round;
Such riches and gilt were sure to astound.
The dinos with trees made their walk to the stable.
In a story turned legend and then turned to fable.

How three starving T-Rex, on a cold winter’s night
Walked out of the darkness by a single star’s light,
How they brought trees of beauty for the newly-born child;
How they bestowed them and then went back to the wild.


Well, we usually just post pics of the cookies along with the above, but it's come time to really confuse some neighbors...

The inflatable dinos have been procured at after Halloween sales the last couple years, and a neighbor moved in to find a black Christmas tree randomly left in a closet, and thought I could find a use for it...


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I keep weird hours, and I'm just getting my day started. The above post was a GREAT way to start the day. Loved every aspect of the above. Hope you can find an illustrator for the poem someday. 🦇
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