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The steeple I'm putting on my mausoleum

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This is really a random junk I had left over assembly. I thought it might inspire someone on here who had a few extra pieces of materials and wanted to do something with them. I decided to make a creepy steeple for my mausoleum/storage shed.


A walmart garden ornament.
A styrofoam skull
grey paint
Red acrylic paint
A matte finish spray paint (can't have a shiny old steeple, now can we?)
spray adhesive ( I used 3M super adhesive with the 90 on it, because I had about 1/4th of a can left from a headliner project on an old car. You can probably get away with a lighter weight adhesive)
1 oz. package of imitation moss.

Step 1:

Paint the entire garden ornament grey. Make sure that you are using exterior paint. I did three coats with a semi-light grey, then very lightly brushed over the whole thing with black, and dusted a few edges with white. Here's a pic of how that looks.

With flash:

Without flash:

Close- up of bulb:

Height reference shot: ( I am 6'3" and it reaches to my belt line without the skull)

Step 2:

Carve a hole about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep in the bottom of the skull. I apologize, but I forgot to take a picture of this part of the process.

Step 3:
There is a round ball on top of this ornament that should fit perfectly into the hole you carved in the bottom of the skull. Spray this liberally with the spray adhesive, then mount the skull onto it. You will have to hold the skull down for about 15-30 seconds,depending on the humidity where you live. At this point, the really easy part is finished. Now it's on to the detail work.

Step 4:

Decide where you want your moss to grow. My column had a blemish where someone had dropped it, so I decided to reinforce the inside with a piece of 2 x 4 and a couple of 1/2 inch wood screws, the moss over the edge where the screws were located. The best way I found to do the mossing was to spray the edge with adhesive, then dab at it with a clump of moss, then spray that and dab with more moss. someone else might have a better technique. I am just describing what I did.

Finished moss at bottom of statue:

With camera flash on:

Step 5: Adding moss to skull for weathered look
I decided, after mossing the statue itself, that the skull looked too new for my taste. So, I added moss to the skull. Please keep in mind, this is going on an 8 1'2 foot high rooftop, so it is doubtful that anyone will see this moss. I did this more because I am a little OCD about these types of things. If I knew it didn't have moss on it, I would think that every person noticed that it did not have moss on it. I am just that type of person.So I sprayed a little adhesive into the eye sockets and nasal cavity, then dabbed a little moss in there. Then, because it looked wrong, I added a little to the temple area.

Eye sockets:

Side view before moss added to North facing temple:

After moss on temple:

At this point, the steeple is done. I did, however, add a few drops of a burgundy paint I had to the steeple, under the skull, so that it looked like dried blood. Once it dried, I didn't like it, so I wrapped a plastic bag around the skull and sprayed some grey paint over it to cover it up. You can let your creativity go wild with this and make it your own with very little problem. I hope that this tutorial has helped someone out. Happy Haunting, Everyone!
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