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The Shocker electric chair kit.

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Here is my review of Distortions “The Shocker Electric Chair Kit”

First I’d like to mention I rode the fence for a long time on buying this.
After all it’s the concept that is what makes it good. It could be done without the kit.
I made an electric chair years ago that used a mask with eyes popped out of the sockets and gloves. Not so perfect but it worked.

I ended up getting this kit. Thinking the benefit of continuity and detail of having all the pieces being made for each other would be beneficial.

The Mask is very nice, good paint job, coil on top of the head was nicely dry brushed with silver.

The “Transformer pieces” that go on each side of the chair are the same piece. I understand using the same piece to save on casting another piece that will be the same exact thing. But what was overlooked was they aren’t symmetrical. The tips are pointed at an angle (2 o’clock) if looking down at it.
So once you orient the second piece facing the first, the other piece ends up pointing at about eight o’clock. So one is pointing behind the persons head and the other is pointing toward the front of the persons head.
This problem could have been avoided by simply making the tips point to the side (three o’clock) not at an angle. So when the second one is in place it would point to 9 o’clock, centered at the persons head.
These pieces had quite a bit of imperfections from casting. But I can live with that. Or I could make new ones that would be smooth and even.
These pieces do not have the same dry brush work as the coil on top of the head.

The transformer piece that goes on top of the trash can was only a half piece. In the included DVD it clearly shows this piece as a whole piece, having a front and back.
This piece was a much cleaner casting. Don’t know why. This also lacks the silver dry brush work.

The flashing light colors don’t show through the latex as it appears to in the pics I have seen.

It gets better…
Although I liked the paint job on the hands…
they appear to be recycled from an animatronic prop. The problem with this is, its not big enough to wear. Even after slicing the latex up to the wrists. The only person who was able to put them on was my wife who is 5ft even and 110 lbs

The DVD is pretty much the same as what I saw on you tube. A nice feature is that it automatically pauses itself after the routine on a black screen. So you only have to worry about hitting play, it will automatically pause at the end for you.

After contacting Distortions, they initially said everyone has loved this product.
They did agree to send another “Half coil” so I could glue it to the existing one. My concern here is they won’t mate up well.

After trying their solution of cutting the hands without resolving the problem they said they would be recasting the hands for the kit in the next couple weeks and would send a replacement.

I found it surprising that a company that makes masks could overlook such a basic rule to make something bigger to allow it to be worn.

I guess one could say it is a “Kit” and as such does need some work. But ironically most of the work seems to be correcting the problems with continuity, the very reason I bought this thing to begin with.

I do hope they send the replacement hands and half coil. At least then it would be useable. They said the half coil would be sent out on 4/2 and the hands would be recast in the following two weeks. We’ll see!

Well, 1 ½ months later. No replacement coil. Not even an answer to two e mails asking about the “newly recast hands”

So bottom line, as things stand right now…
It is a complete waste of money. The only “shock” that came out of this kit was the insulting lack of concern of a products condition before marketing it.

If anyone has this kit, I would love to compare notes. Did you have the same problems?

I will update this review if anything is resolved.
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I am surprised they are not fixing the problems, they have a good reputation in the industry.
And they are from Colorado! Have you follwed up with email or regular mail?

If anyone wants to see the product:


Go to the store (Left Side), then masks (upper right corner), and then kit.
(I had problems finding it so I thought I'd post directions)

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I just got an e mail form the Haunters depot (the place I ordered the shocker kit. they said Distorions mailed the new hands and half coil. They should be here next Tuesday.

I post another upday then.

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I got the replacement hands and half coil today.
So Distoritons followed though on their promise to make things right.
Kudos to them for that!

didnt get a chance to dig up the other coil to see how well they mate.

The hands arent as good of a sculpt as the first set, but they do fit.

So at least now the kit can be used.

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I ordered my Shocker Electric Chair Kit from hauntedventures.com.
I received the kit in a few days.
The hands in my kit are large and fit very easily over my hands.
I did, however, only receive the half coil for the trash can.
Contacted hauntedventures.com and they said there was nothing they could do. It was cheaper from them than from distortionsunlimited.com.
Maybe I will just make do with the half coil.
The kit is pretty cool though.
The startle factor with this prop is what makes it so cool.

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I bough this kit about 6 monthes ago and was very pleased. The kit was geat and the trash can generator cover looked great. But since i did not wish to use actors at the time i came up with a great idea. I bought an armature from DC cemetary props and dressed it in the costume. I added the sound from the cd onto a picoboo controller and booom! I just made a elctric chair prop for under 800 dollars thats almost as scary as distortions shak n bake prop. I want to have more actrors in my maze and might even buy this kit again for acting purposes.
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