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I only have a few Scream Boxes left (everyone is shopping early this year). They are on ebay $33.00, amazon, and www.haunthobbyist.com (lowest price). The Scream Box is battery operated and has a built in speaker and heat sensor so it works in complete darkness. I do not know of many battery operated Halloween sensor products that work in Complete Darkness. You can program the Scream Box to say anything you want by adding MP3 files to it. Customize it to your Haunt Theme. You can put it in your props to make them talk. The Scream Box has 2 operating modes. First Mode repeats one MP3 file at a time as the heat sensor is activated and then goes to the next MP3. In other words, you can put it in a prop and it will say different things each time the heat sensor is activated. There is a little over 2 minutes of memory that can be stored. That is a lot of talking your prop can do.

Details, Reviews by our Customers, additional Ideas, and Video is at:


www.haunthobbyist.com (lowest price)
If you have question, please contact me.

Your support helps Children in Need of a Good Scare. Thank you!


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