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THE RING - Samara prop

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Wanted to try a static Samara prop....digging how she looks. Big thanks to GhostRide Studios for the arms. Great customer service/speed/quality!!
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Thank you for the shout out. Awesome job. I don't think I've ever seen a frame fleshed out in GS either. Looks like it worked perfectly for this project. The arms look great. We buy stuff from Ghost Ride all the time and I am never disappointed. Michael and his crew put out some great stuff. Did you use a foam wig head under the hair?

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I've used great stuff on a couple life-size props now - I put it on in 2-3 layers then can shape it with a knife. Much easier then pool noodle/etc wrapped in duct tape. Yah, just a female foam wig (some airbrushing but the hair does most of the heavy lifting). I want to make an identical outfit for my son - and then interchange the two throughout Halloween night :)
Did you notice the Monk - its my spin on the Cemetery Caretaker :)
I've got nothing but positive experiences from SpiderHill / GhostRide as far a speed/quality/customer service!
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