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The Replacement

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If anyone has read any of my blog entries last year, you know that I had a static prop stolen, well I've decided to replace that prop this year. This is Sigmund:

I've decided to do him a little different this year, originally, he was made using a latex mask over a milk jug, this mask specifically:

I'm still trying to match the mask as closely as possible, but I'm making it myself out of one of my plaster skulls I've cast and Bondo (auto body filler)

We'll see how he turns out, I'll post more pics as I go along.
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Thanks FYF, I'm over it now, also on the bright side it inspired me to make my last great creation last year, Vince the Vandel :D

Sigmund still has a ways to go before I'll be happy with him, but it's a start.
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