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The Real Story of Halloween

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As many of you already know The Real Story of Halloween is the newest Halloween documentary that runs on the History Channel every October. I love this newest one and the older one as well! :) What are some of your thoughts on this documentary and the older one?
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Loved the old one but have not seen the new one yet. I will look out for it this year (or just youtube it :))
Haven't seen the new one.
I love the old one, the "Haunted History of Halloween".
Yep, the old one has it's charm! :) The only place that the newer one is available to buy on DVD is from amazon.com on DVD-R which is a shame! :-( Both of these beautiful documentaries needs to be on Blu-ray in HD! :)
Found and bookmarked this on You Tube.
Inspired by this thread and being a fan of the older History Channel special, I just spent an entertaining hour or so on YouTube watching the Real History of Halloween. It was as good as the older one. And since tomorrow is the the team preview of Universal Studios Orlando's 25th annual Halloween Horror Nights - at which I play a demented psychopath terrorizing trick or treaters with an axe - it has me fired up beyond belief!
Can someone tell me how long the History of Halloween documentary is? I've found two videos. One is about 45 minutes long, the other about 1.5 hours.
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