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The Pumpkin Gutter.


I saw this at the store, and considering we clean over 100 pumpkins every year, I'm always open to ways to make that easier.

Now, a few things I have to say here as a caveat. I've cleaned more pumpkins in the last 4 years than most will do in their lifetime. I've become quite efficient at it as a result, so I knew it wouldn't be totally fair for me to be the benchmark.

My setting for the pumpkin gutter test: 100 pumpkins to clean, 8 people ranging from age 10 to 65. We all took a turn with the gutter and more traditional methods.

UNANIMOUSLY, we found the assorted spoons and scoops to be quicker and easier than the pumpkin gutter AT CLEANING an average pumpkin.

Now, our goal in cleaning is simply the removal of most strings and seeds. A few leftovers are fine.

The gutter actually tears into pumpkin flesh quite efficiently, and on those pumpkins I had that were of a bizarre variety and nearly solid throughout, the gutter would eviscerate them to hollow in short work. So, if you are one to thin the walls of your pumpkins, it's hard to imagine a better way to go about it.


Quicker? No
Easier? No
Cleaner? once you get the trick down, and provided you don't mess up, yes.

Worth it? Only if you like to thin your walls, or REALLY hate to touch the guts (and even then, there's a bit of a learning curve to avoid that).
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