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(That's right- BATCH not patch).

Has anyone else ordered from them? For those of you that don't know, it is a monthly pumpkin subscription service that sends you a shoebox sized container of goodies. I'm an on and off subscriber.


I signed back up for the fall season and received my September box yesterday. It is nice to get a surprise of Fall goodies every month. I don't work for the company so I'm not here trying to sell it to people. I think they are a little pricey but also really like most of the things they send. Sometimes you can find a coupon on Google and I got a discount on a quarterly subscription.

Some of my favorites in the past have been the pumpkin whoopie pie, pumpkin sugar scrub, pumpkin mug, pumpkin ornament, pumpkin shaped pasta and sauce, etc. It is different every month.

I didn't see a thread about it posted here and was curious if there were other subscribers out there.
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