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The Pirates of Tortuga Cay

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I'm going to finally post some photos of our haunt this year.
This is our small haunt in our front yard, but is rapidly expanding. My neighbor has offered up his yard for next year and how could I possibly say no, but this is our fourth year doing a pirate theme. Plans are already in the works for next year's haunt.
If I can get the video onto youtube, I'll add a link.

Hope you enjoy,
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The evening shots are fantastic.....love your take on pirates - and setup
Great setup! Thanks for sharing.
Nice! I was looking forward to seeing your yard, but never seemed to find the time to venture over there. Looks great! I'm starting to run out of room in my yard as well. I actually removed two plants this year in order to make my cemetery less cramped.
Yaaarrr!!! Matey, that be a fine looking pirate setup you've got there! Can't beat a good pirate display, in my humble opinion. Nicely done!
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