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The Pirates of Isabella Isle

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Finally getting around to posting a video of our haunt this year. This is the third year we've done the pirate theme and it's always very popular with the neighbourhood. Thanks to everyone here for all the great ideas and inspiration. We finally jumped in this year and built the ship we've been thinking about - well at least the bow section, got to leave something for next year, right? Three degrees and pouring rain on the big day so we didn't get all the rigging up that we wanted but, other than me, I don't think anyone noticed.

Take a look, and I hope you enjoy.

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Great! Where do you get your talking skulls. I'm looking to add some to my pirate theme next year.
Looks fantastic. I need some 3 axis skulls. This years project for sure.
Great Job, Matey!!
Looks great. Where did you get the 3 axis skulls?
Thanks for the compliments everyone. My 3-axis captain is a Lindburg skull using the twisty skulls kit. The other two are last generation Fright Ideas kits with moving jaws and eyes. I love the look of the moving eyes but really, in the darkness of Hallowen, I don't think anybody notices. Next year I think I will modify them and use that servo to get some head movement.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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