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Hey guys...

Our display is really only live for a couple days each year thus we are now starting to build and assemble everything (with the hope of having it all up and running by Thursday night).

Anyway, I'm going to post some progress pix as we move through the week.

So here's the deal... For the past few years, we have done a pretty elaborate pirate-themed display. To augment it even more, we always invite people over and have a pirate-party on the front lawn to amuse the TrTers (and just have a terrific time). Every year our display changes slightly and we always add a few more elements (new lighting, new effects, new music, etc.) On average, we get 500-800 visitors on Halloween night (which means a LOT of candy!!!)

Today, to start the ball rolling, we constructed a new piece: A pier/dock! Tomorrow, this will all be painted and detailed (complete with barnacles!) but here it is in the raw! Oh, and apologies for the slightly blurry pic... I assure you that when things start coming together, there will be some nice photos and perhaps a video or two!


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