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The Other Day We Were Interviewing

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A young person for an October job here. They have already worked in an October haunt for a few seasons.
They told us some of their Haunt Horror Stories.
We shared a few of ours.
I don't know how the subject came up, but my Wife said to them:"Jim doesn't "Drink".
I added:"I have never done any drugs, either."
Then this person said:"Well then, Where do you get your ideas?"
I found this very dis-heartening.
No concept that "Ideas"come from a well working mind (when it comes to such things as "Ideas".
No"Magic Headache" in a bottle needed here.
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Guess that kid just has no imagination at all. Sad.....
should have said the same book that steven king uses ... but he probably wouldn't get it or isn't a king fan ... although i haven"t read anything of his in too many years to remember

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