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We had very cool gravestones, sound effects, ghosts, lights, and even a real grave dug in the front yard, but something was still missing. I had even visited several other haunts in the area and came to the same conclusion. They had lots of cool Halloween stuff out for display, but that was it. The haunts just had a bunch of stuff the same as mine. What was missing?

I couldn't answer that until I read an article in a magazine about 13 or 14 years ago (sadly, I don't remember which one I read). In it, the author explained how having a back story helped bring everything together in their haunt. The idea instantly made sense to me! With that, I began thinking up a story that would tie the elements of my haunt together and add a level of realism that would help to creep our visitors and TOTs out a little bit more.

After conducting some historical research about the city and my property, I combined fiction and fact in a short story that eventually became the main sign for the haunt. As a reading specialist, it is really heartwarming to see parents reading to their kids, and older kids reading to younger ones! It is also neat to share some of Olympia's forgotten past with the community too.

With a guiding story that explains it, you can help your TOTs get even more freaked out by enlisting their imaginations with a background story for your haunt!

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