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The first thing I think when I look at this guy is WOW. The second thing that comes to mind is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. This prop, at the height of Gemmy's reign, was the pinnacle of store-bought props. NOTHING was like this guy when he came out. Sure, Gemmy's 2005 Freddy was cool, and their 2006 Leatherface had...mixed reviews (mad parents and crying children)... but this was the perfect balance of scary and marketable towards a large audience. This was SUCH a popular item. It was hard to get, even at release, because it sold so fast.

People ABUSED these things. Every person I've ever seen who has owned one of these by coincidence has put them outside, had them fall over, etc. Since this was the first prop available to the general public that really moved super fast and was this large, almost every backyard haunter bought one. I've seen them with broken arms, missing masks, broken frames, missing machetes, and countless other problems. It really is hard to find one of these that work completely, let alone one that works to begin with.

This Freddy Vs Jason version of the 6ft 4 killer was made from 2007 through 2009. It features a moving arm, head, body, and eyes, which makes it look extremely lifelike. There were various differences between each model, which I can try to explain if you guys would like in a future reply down the line. He is LOUD, mean, and fast. I think this guy sold for $269.99, which would increase as each year passed. He is officially licensed.

I have the 2008 model, which is a "transitional" model of sorts. The arm mechanism was changed, the electronics are a little more reliable than the 2007 version, and there are multiple cosmetic differences compared to the previous year's model. I am fortunate enough to have the box, too, and it is always fun to look over the box and read what is printed on it.

Mine is not without its issues: the base is cracked, the adapter plug is loose, and the arm was incredibly stuck when I first got him. The gear in his eyes split and the motor eventually locked up, which I fixed. There is some missing paint on his face, but not in any major areas. He is beat up, but he still scares people to this day. The clothes on this guy are as real as real can be, but the inner shirt/coat are all one piece.
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