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Halloween Forums Secret Reaper:2009!!

Here is the information concerning this years secret reaper. I have tried to make rules that will make this fun, while keeping problems from arising. They are as follows:

Starting sign up date: June 27

Ending siign up date: July 18.

Shipping deadline: September 12

1. gifts are to have a value of $20.00

2. Gifts can be bought, home made or semi-home made ( buying something and embellishing it etc.). The cost of material is to be included in home made and semi home made gifts.

3. Keep you identity a SECRET!!! Don't post who your reaper is until every one has received a gift,

4. You must get a tracking number when you ship your gift, in case of delays or problems with shipping.

5.You must PM Bethene when you have shipped your gift, along with your tracking number.

6. If you receive a gift and for some reason are unable to send one to your victim you MUST send your gift on to your victim. any one receiving a gift, and not sending one, could be banned from the forum,per Larry's decision.

7. If these rules are acceptable, then PM Bethene with the following information:
name and address
likes ,dislikes, theme, if any, or any other helpful info for you reaper
whether you are ok with mailing to Canada, or Europe,( one , both or none)

Remember, all gifts should be halloween related! thanks all, and have fun!!:)


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I'm away on vacation from around mid August until the second week in September, so I dont' think I'll be participating this year.:(

I am still willing however, to be the "emergency" reaper for the UK and Europe if you require me to.
Please let me know, so I can get a few things organised.

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So if I understand you correctly, this is exchange is sanctioned by Larry and people not fulfulling their end of the bargain can be banned? Just wondering because its always been an individual initiative in the past.
Second thing....we don't get tracking numbers in Holland. Am I still allowed to participate?

Oh and what's up with the old thread from last year? Why are people replying there?

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