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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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I decided to do The Nightmare Before Christmas as my theme this year, for the 25th anniversary of the movie. There is so much material there to work with. In hindsight, I should have started building in June. I did not get as many characters as I wanted, but it still turned out pretty good. I had not seen anyone do a Dr. Finkelstein prop, so I really wanted to start with that, but it took a lot longer than I expected. This is a mix of custom build, re-purposed and store bought props.

Halloween Town Sign

Dr. Finkelstein - front

Dr. Finkelstein - back

Dr. Finkelstein - head open


Jack and Zero

Oogie Boogie




Oogie's Bug/Snack

Oogie and Crew

Pumpkin box


Scarecrow (I know not a good match, but I was out of time):
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I adore this, so very much. I have always wanted to do this theme, and really wanted to do the bathtub with Lock, Shock and Barrel and yours is just perfect! I mean, everything is fantastic (Holy Moly - Dr. Finkelstein is AWESOME)

Only thing I could suggest is whether you've thought about having Zero flying? I bought a x-mas tree rotating stand that moves really nice and slow for something like this, and there are of course tons of great slow motors that you could mount Zero to (as long as he's light) easily to have him animated. Same thing for the Oogie Boogie wheel...

but never mind my suggestions - this is epic!

Thank you for your feedback. Yes I had planned to have zero flying around the yard. I got the motor and pulleys for it, but ran out of time. Next year. I am scrambling to make a mayor costume for myself now.
Seconded: I adore this as well! For a few days I was considering attempting a build ... but seeing yours, I made the right choice not even trying. I wouldn't have come close at all...
25 years old. Doesn't seem possible. Fantastic work. So many cool characters. I love me some Oogie. And the bathtub. It's all captivatng just like the movie.
Will you have music from the movie playing?
If you have an extra couple minutes you could whip up the mayor with his bullhorn. :D:D:D
Thank you and yes I will have music and am even considering setting up a rear projection setup and playing the movie each night.
Fantastic job! I'm very jealous of that bathtub prop I've always wanted to do one for my display. Your attention to detail on the doctors wheelchair is great as well.
Thank you. Honestly I think my favorite things to make were the accessory props. The Dr's chair, Sally's tombstone, Oogie's torture wheel, Zero's house, and even the small stuff like Barrel's bear trap and Shock's scorpion box. However I have to thank my friend Lori for knocking out the tub.
Awesome work! What did you make Dr. Finkelstein and Sally's heads out of? The detail on all of this work is incredible. I'm a total sucker for NBC and love this theme.
Dr. Finkelstein's head was carved from foam and the ears, nose, head rivets and hinge mount plate are made from Apoxie Sculpt. His glasses are made from InstaMorph thermal plastic. I used a small line of caulk to give shape to his eye brows. The top of his head I wanted a bit sturdier since it would open against the chair, so I used Bondo to give it a tough shell. Sally is a cheat. I bought a hanging Sally prop from At home. It just had head, arms and frilly material hanging below. I took the top and combined it with a new PVC body.
Great work - makes me want to get the DVD out this week again.
I'm jealous. I don'tt think I'll ever be skilled enough to build such a great scene. Very cool! And now I have to see where I can get the movie,
Honestly this was a lot of trial and error. It was only the second year I made custom props. Anyone can do this, it is more stubborn will than special skill.
Totally Brilliant. With every picture I kept saying Wow!
Now "This is Halloween"!!
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