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Prepare to woo all of your friends with “The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had In Your Car!” t-shirt! This Hanes t-shirt is made of 100% high quality, preshrunk cotton. To add to your comfort, this t-shirt is tagless! No more annoying tag! Your friends and family will be stopped in their tracks when they see you proclaiming with your t-shirt that YOU are the most fun they’ve ever had in their car! They will be envious of your killer style and question…did we really have that much fun? And you can state yes…yes we did! At most attractions you would expect to pay $20 or more for a shirt. At the Danger Run, you can grab your t-shirt TODAY for only $12 on Louisville's Premier Haunted Attraction with Two Haunted Houses!

Don’t forget to throw in a handy-dandy Danger Run Flashlight! This light is sure to help you in a pinch when you find yourself in a dark precipice with no torch in hand. Or it works great around the house for your everyday flashlight needs, but ideally it works the VERY BEST when trying to read your Danger Run clue book while driving the roads in the dark. Sure, you can drive with your dome light on, but for those who are wise get this flashlight and your driving visibility will be increased dramatically. So, when you encounter a clue with a quick turn…you are ready! Then when you see a fellow Danger Runner driving with their dome light on, you can point and laugh because you have the Danger Run flashlight! Add this to your t-shirt order for only $3! It is an awesome deal!

After getting your Danger Gear, make sure that you join us in October to experience the one and the only Danger Run. The Danger Run is a haunted game that you play in your car with your friends. The object of the game is for you and your comrades to figure a book of clues to find your way along some of the Ville’s scariest roads to two of the Louisville area’s SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSES! You must do this while trying to hit the exact mileage of the course. The group closest to the perfect mileage will win a HUGE Danger Run PRIZE PACKAGE!

You may be wondering, “How good can these haunted houses be?” Both of these haunts were rated in the top haunted houses in Kentuckiana and admission to each of these haunted houses would cost you $15 per person separately. The Danger Run includes both of them with your admission, a $30 value! How much you ask? The Danger Run admission price is ONLY $15.95 per person at the start gate. However if you want to save a little dough, buy your tickets online for only $14.95! If you think that this is a deal, wait there is more!

Also INCLUDED with your Danger Run admission, each person will also get FREE FOOD from DQ Grill & Chill. DQ has thrown in a free cheeseburger (no purchase necessary!) for every single person that goes on the Danger Run! Even better, the Danger Run will take you right by a number of their locations so you and your friends can get your free food while finding your way to both of your haunted houses and it won’t affect your mileage! And it gets better! If you have 4 or more people in your car, we will buy your gas! With every carload of 4 or more people the Danger Run will give your $10 in FREE GAS! Furthermore, the Danger Run has been designed in such a way that $10 of gas will cover your entire haunted journey (most cars) AND we have designed stops along the way so that you can use your $10 gas card and it won’t affect your mileage!

Oh, and one more thing! Your admission will also include FREE admission to a number of the bars at Fourth Street Live! So, for those of you that are 21 or older and you want to keep the party going after you all get done with the run, check out our friends at Fourth Street to complete your night of Halloween entertainment! Did we leave anything out? Oh yeah! Don’t forget the Danger Run tradition of Free Fangs for everyone in the car! Fend yourself away from the ghouls in your haunted adventure with these plastic fangs that you have all come to know and love! What more could you possibly want from a haunted attraction for 1 low, affordable price of only $15.95 per person!

To get all the details, check out Louisville's Premier Haunted Attraction with Two Haunted Houses. The Danger Run…The Most Fun You’ve EVER Had In Your Car!
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