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The Munsters and Addams Family (TV) turn 50

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Thought you guys might enjoy this article. Hard to believe it's been 50 years. We watched both shows in our house growing up.

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Gee, now I really feel old. I liked and watched both shows, but I think I'll always like The Munsters just a little bit better than The Addams Family.
Same here.

I tried to figure out why & realized that the Munsters were just a "regular" family (at least they thought they were). They didn't revel in or even really recognize their oddness like the Addams. They were just mom, dad, son, grandpa & cousin & all thought they were "normal."

Not that I don't love the Addams too, they were pretty awesome too. You can get any hotter than Morticia & Gomez together. And that was in an era when married couples were still show sleeping in twin beds!!

But the Munsters were known monsters, Frankenstein's monster, vampires, a wolf-kid & then poor ugly Marilyn. Maybe that's another reason I like them just a teeny tiny bit more.

Garth started another Addams Family thread & this was the link he posted:

And here's another link from the Yahoo link:
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