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I took a couple of test pics last night to check lighting and placement. Still have lots more to do tonight. Here's a very small sampling.

I just couldn't resist taking this pic. That's a shadow of the fence with the light in front of the scarecrow. I'll have a table set up in front of the garage and that's where family and friends can sit and watch all the action. It's also where we'll have our pre activity cocktails.

This water feature will have fog rolling out of the tub using dry ice.

Just a creepy mask...not one of my sculpts. I did, however, add some sculpted monster hands and hand painted eyeballs

You'll never guess who's behind the mask in this one. He wasn't about to be left out on all of the action.

If I get a chance, I'll post more pics of tonights' test run showing the rest of the display.
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