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Our first haunt went off very well! I have to thank my parents who came over last minute to help out, and my husband who worked tirelessly all day since I couldn't take the day off of work. We didn't get very many TOT's (only about 25), but that was up from last year. I'm hoping the word will get out since everybody seemed to really enjoy it and next year we will have more. We had a group of tween-girls go through 3 times. Their screams were music to my ears!

I was worried that I wouldn't have enough help, but again, thanks to my parents and my 2 bro-in-laws, we had just enough scarers for the haunt. I posted about how successful it was on Facebook and a number of friends commented that they wish they could have been there and to message them next year. My dad also said he had an absolute blast and will be coming back to help next year.

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the HF community for all of the support and ideas for our first haunt. The creativity and ingenuity of the members here astounds me. I wouldn't have even thought something like this would have been possible if it hadn't been for this community. I had never been to or heard of a house haunt before coming here. While Halloween in Minnesota is widely celebrated, and a lot of people decorate, I haven't heard of any actual yard or house haunts in the area.

Things I learned:
-actually take the whole day off.
-Better plan for the evening (IE a detailed agenda for everybody so we know when to do what instead of me barking out orders)
-Get walki-talkies to communicate with the actors (this was something we planned to do, until the cheapest we could find last minute was 40 bucks so we decided not to this year).
-Bag candy instead of giving handfuls
-Make an HQ table with things like tape, extra candles and lighters (or fake candles), fishing line, etc.
-Get a clicker to count the number of TOT's going through so we get an actual number.
-Find some good phrases or lines for the actors to say (and myself).

I'm sure I'll come up with more as the day goes on. I will post pictures as soon as I get them off of my camera. Now, off to get some after-Halloween discounted stuff and some more storage bins!
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