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I did my backyard (well 2/3 of my backyard) and our son did a Hellbilly themed maze haunt in the 2 wooded lots next door.

It was a lot of work, especially since our son could only come (2 hour drive) for maybe 4 hours at a time with an occasional overnight stay with his Wed/Thurs day off schedule. But we got it done! Maybe not everything envisioned, but a damn fine job.

I did my backyard myself the last 2 wks of the month, held off because of the winds, hurricanes and fact that a lot of my props have mask faces and I didn't want them in the weather/sun. It all worked out, the lighting was great IMHOP for the yard, having fine tuned it the night before, and all of the ToTs and parents really enjoyed it!

Scott's area (what I call the Lehigh Terror because it is on Lehigh Terrace) came about after we bought and cleared the brush and scrub from the 2 lots next door. He asked if I was going to move my haunt there and I said that if he wanted he could do one, he was over the moon! He wanted to do a creepy scare zone that was PG 13. So as kids came to get their treats I told them they had to be at least 13 or have an adult with them (as I feel their parents are the best judge of what their child can handle) and a few parents went through to check it out then came back through with their families. It was so much fun!

I'm trying to get pics to post! At present they are on the fb pages The Horror On Harvard as well as Lehigh Terror. I'll try and get them onto here as well, but until I can figure this thing out (my HF app isn't letting me and had trouble even being able to post a new thread on Tapatalk), here are the links:

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