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The Horror On Harvard 2015

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I had to start a thread on the comp to be able to add pics from my cell. Hope this works! Stay tuned.
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The aliens are landing! Into the vortex tunnel!
Tent Grass Camping Environmental art Tunnel

Tent Tunnel Camping

What lies beyond? Something's happening in the Harvard Hill Cemetery! The creatures of Halloween are coming forth to battle the aliens and save the world!
Green Nature Vegetation Light Lighting

Green Light Lighting Night Darkness

Green Black Light Performance Darkness

Light Lighting Tree Night Stage

Games Skirmish Shooting sport Laser tag Paintball equipment

Green Light Darkness Technology Laser tag

Dress Performance Art

Paintball Paintball equipment Games Shooting sport Skirmish

Green Light Photography Laser tag Night

Green Light Lighting Tree Technology

Green Skirmish Paintball Paintball equipment Shooting sport

Green Light Skirmish Night Darkness

Green Light Lighting Performance Visual effect lighting


Green Games Grass Organism Tree

Green Light Lighting Darkness Photography
Green Black Light Darkness Lighting

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Through the arch and ready for candy before leaving the yard
Green Grass Tree Lawn Plant
Property Grass Lighting Yard Lawn
Table Furniture Technology Room Electronic device

I told our werewolf, Colton, that everyone gets sick from too much candy, even Buckies!
Grave Games Tree Headstone Yard

Center graveyard
Black Darkness Night Light Automotive lighting

The alien autopsy
Green Fictional character Table Animation Fiction
Green Figurine Fictional character Toy Action figure
Lighting Night Grass Lawn
Lawn Grass Night Tree Darkness
Canidae Dog Maltese Dog breed West highland white terrier
Net Adaptation Lawn

Hairy is crawling around, looking for dropped candy. And the ground breaker is glowing on and off to lead you to the exit.
Light Night Darkness Sky Event
Purple Costume Fictional character Costume design

Emma has made a new friend, maybe he'll join us again next year!

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Wow, Ish, your yard haunt is HUGE ! It must take quite a while to set all that up. Whatever it takes, it definitely pays off. I love the way your walk-through tells a story as you go and the wide variety of props and characters..
I cracked up at the wicked witch under the crashed UFO. Hilarious!

Great job! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and feel free to pose any queries! LOL

A big shout out to all of my Secret Reapers from the last 2 years! Had such cool stuff that I was so happy to use! The blow up aliens and Area 51 sign especially got rave reviews!

Yes, it is a huge yard that I just don't know how to fill. 50x120ft and next year looking to set up a pallet maze in the woods next door. Let my ever present helpers of our son, Scott, his stepson Colton, and Scotty's bff Pete (who always brings it every year, can't thank him enough!) go wild and do whatever they want in there. Let them design, build, decor and run it on Halloween and I'll just do a static walkthrough in the backyard for the younger kids and families.

I try and start set up early in the month but am on my own now that the kids have all moved out and moved on. But Scott will always come and help, drive from Orlando on his days off from Universal. He and Pete love the scarier stuff, it was all I could do to keep them from giving the skelly a rectal probe! LOL

I always have lots of Halloween elements no matter the theme. Just use the themes to beef up the decor.

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So looks like I'll be setting up this yard again next year for our SciFi Kitsch themed party and letting Scott and Pete do the pallet maze. I told them anything goes but can't be R rated and Scott is thinking PG13 LOL! And is looking at a *******/hillbilly theme! He loved the stuff I made this summer for my SR victim.

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I enjoyed your walk-thru IshWitch. And boy do you have a yard to decorate! It was interesting to see how you guided people along the path. Can't imagine how many feet of lighting you had to use. Also noticed some netting or fencing material? Were the props positioned by rebar anchoring them in the ground? Nice blend of scene changes. And the Alien autopsy photo just cracked me up.

Apart from a larger yard, you also have something I wish I did...a bunch of help. I think it's wonderful you have family and friends willing to decorate with you to make it a fun thing for the kids in the neighborhood. And sounds like they really like to get into the decorating too! Look forward to seeing next years plan materialize. Thanks for sharing the photos. One of these years I'm hoping to do a yard walk-thru so always looking for photos from others.

BTW what would you say was your biggest challenge in setting all of this up?
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