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Hey everyone,

I've been mulling over ideas on a 'baby' room for our asylum this year. I personally do not think that creepy baby dolls and such are that scary, but the students really want it so I want to make them happy! I was going through I believe fangoria last month and found some info on the movie The Hills Run Red, they had some pictures of the killer from the movie, babyface, and I liked the mask idea so I made one for our 'baby' room. It was easy to make, a $5 baby mask from party city, and a $5 styrofoam skull from michaels. I cut off the skull's jaw and had to cut the back and stretch it out just a little, then filled in the gaps with hot glue. I then attached the jaw to the mask with some hemp string and glued the edges just for extra support. The teeth are made from some translucent sculpey I had lying around. Funny thing about the teeth is that I did not paint them whatsoever, I accidentally burned them when baking and they ended up looking PERFECT for the mask. I'll probably end up detailing it just a little more than where it is now. Hope you all enjoy!

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