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The haunted mansion haunt (2)

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I am making two haunts this year. One in Texas and one in Colorado. I have the one in Co. finished, but the one in Texas is going to be different. this one will be more of a walkthrough and parts. As you MIGHT know, i do haunted mansion stuff (first haunt). I don't know how i should make the ball room. Should i have it so you walk in it (ghosts being numbered) or one you look down into. if so that would be awesome to see all the ghosts. I think if i do that the ghosts won't move much (not technically inclined). so if you guys could give some advice, that would help. I want to know what the people and pros want. Second, i don't have much room for the endless hallway. I don't have much space to stretch it out so should i just take it out completely or should i try to make one? Next, the conservatory, i don't have a strong enough motor. does anyone know where to get a cheap strong motor. i have to get like 2 of them. fourth, i think, is the foyer and stretching rooms, the stretching rooms in the haunted mansion have like hydrolics right (pardon my spelling). Where could i get some of those. :eek::confused:. Fifth, should i put in the library and music room? they are cool but kind of boring to me. plus i don't have enough room, so just scratch what i just said. sixth and i think last, should i do the ending with the little leota and the hitchhiking ghosts and the one way mirrors and the "If you would like to join our jamboree, theres a simple rule" thing? I mean it's like the signature ending isn't it? OH! i almost forgot! how do you make an animatronic? (cheap!):eek::D:eek::p:mad::(:confused::confused: