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I like what you did! The shrooms are cool and the sign brings it all together with a little bit of a scare for the little ones. Ankle biters!

Column monster is a great idea. Good use of the big blank column that would otherwise be there doing nothing. Only comment on the monster would be it doesn't look weather proof (is it made of brown paper?), but not sure that's a concern where you are. It's got texture. I suppose maybe some dry brushing could bring out more character to it. I could see that column always being incorporated to your haunt somehow. If you want something re-useable, maybe consider foam panels constructed so that you can take apart and store. Maybe incorporate arms on to it, vines hanging part way down the kids have to pass under -- adding more to the witch in the woods look.

Your trolls are neat. Little Dobis. Sure all the kids know what they are. I like the look of the hands pressed up against the inside of the beautiful witch's lit dress. Are those Dobi hands under there? Giggling at the thought of naughty trolls. LOL.

I myself might have added some cobwebs to the wall the spiders are on and had the spiders more randomly spaced. Maybe one or two dangling down from the overhead beam. From the photos it's a bit hard to see them on the wall, so maybe a down light from the overhead beam or uplight highlighting would be nice. Maybe even a strobe used there? If your house is stucco like mine the webbing sticks pretty well to it if it's rough. Maybe add a jumping spider at the base if you wanted to add a scare when the kids come up to the front porch? But honestly you made great use of the space you had, have signage and you have lighting going on too. A Great first year there! Hope you had lots of kids by to see it.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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