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Today after my wife and i had both been upstairs, she said that she could hear "water running'... I listened, I heard it too.
Going back upstairs I found the Lav. faucet was running a pretty good stream of hot water.
She asked,"Is it "Haunted"? (this is a Haunted,haunted house.)
This faucet turned "ON" by itself after we had left the room.
I had discovered many years ago how to "Haunt" a faucet,especially if it is a really old Kohler faucet.
When you put a new washer in it just put too much Heat-proof grease on the barrel assembly that screws-slides back and forth .
Stand back,watch and wait.....the faucet handle moves, ever so slightly at first.. then just a little more... more, then it drips,then it pours!
You watched it all happen , yet saw no "Ghostly-Handwork" did you?
Now take it apart, wipe off most of the grease!
(Although it has been Many years since I have worked on this faucet.....?
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