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The Hatbox Ghost RETURNS!

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OK, I did a search for this and didn't find anything but can't believe no one has covered this. Apologies if I missed your thread.

The Hatbox Ghost is BACK, baby! Or will be by the time Disneyland's 60th anniversary rolls around. He's been gone for 46 years! Hopefully the new Hatbox lives up to the legend. That's a long time to tweak an effect.

They're also apparently plussing the Abominable Snowman on the Matterhorn - also cool.


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They had a preview of this animatronic at the D23 convention. I'm super excited to see this effect in action too!

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thats awesome!!!!
THE most incredible robot I have ever heard of is in a Penn,hospital doing Hip Replacement Surgery!
What an idea for a gruesome haunt display,a Robot operating on someone and it is out of adjustment,slightly!
:) Yay! Hatbox Ghost! Come back to your rightful place as one of Disney's most notorious ghosties.:D
Looking forward to this
May 9th!!!!!! So excited
Where did you hear May 9th? I'm visiting Disneyland this Saturday and was hoping he'd be in by then since I see Haunted Mansion is closed on Friday.

EDIT: Wow, Saturday is the 9th. Guess I should glance at a calendar from time to time. Can't wait to check him out!
This is really cool, Gobby! Thanks for sharing!
Look, Disney finally did something right, and their not charging you an extra $100 dollars to see him LOL
Just got confirmation via twitter that Hatbox is IN THE BUILDING! Someone saw him in the ride this morning. Let the ghostly stampede commence!
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Flying out Monday morning for my trip to Disneyland just so I can experience his reappearance!!! SO EXCITED!!!
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get pics frogkid!!
Went on it several times today and got to see him in the flesh (so to speak...)! He looks really awesome and it's great to see him back in the building!

I took a video and would offer to upload it, but the above one where the ride stopped just at the perfect time for them to get a clear video is better than what I was able to capture.
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Are they going to put him into Disney World as well!??!!?
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