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The Halloweenie Challenge 2014

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( I'm not sure if this fits in this board - apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong place! )

One Night. 375 Houses. Halloween Glory.

I would like to share with everyone an *event* I am working on called "The Halloweenie Challenge"!

If anyone remembers the old 90's Nickelodeon show Pete and Pete - it is based off of their Halloween episode. In the episode (titled: Halloweenie) Pete and Pete try to break the record of most houses trick or treated in a single night.

For The Halloweenie Challenge you try to beat the record set in the show - 375 houses! We encourage all participants to donate their hauls to charity. You can collect candy, canned goods, or come up with your own donation idea that fills a need in your community.

For all of the details check out our website: www.HalloweenieChallenge.com

It is absolutely free to participate and open to people of all ages, clubs, teams, and families. One of the reasons we created Halloweenie was to give older kids something fun to do for Halloween while helping out others in their communities. I have been doing this with just my friends for a few years now and the organizations we donate to are always really happy to get the donations - especially during a non-holiday time when donations may be slow. We usually collect canned goods / non perishable food items - and it gets pretty ridiculous - we get boxes and boxes of food - house by house it really adds up!

If you know anyone who might be interested - please share!
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Here is the flyer:

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