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The Gremlins RETURN!

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Just stumbled across this story. Don't know how I didn't see it sooner.


I loved the first one although it suffers from the same disease NBC does. "Who put Christmas in my Halloween movie!?!". The second one was way sillier but I liked it a lot too. Sad to see Joe Dante isn't coming along for the ride. I'd love to see a good sequel with Phoebe Cates making a reappearance. Maybe nobody mention this to Corey Feldman though.
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I was talking to takingcatblues and she agreed with me on my Christmas "issue" with the movie. HOWEVER, we started thinking about it. Wouldn't it be cool to put up your Christmas decorations on October 1st (bear with me here) and then Halloween day, have them being torn apart by a yard full of Gremlins? People would not see THAT coming. Think of how ticked off the neighbourhood would be for 30 days! And then they'ed kill themselves laughing on the 31st. :)

I dunno. Maybe it's been done. I don't think I'd have the patience to pull that off though.

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Kinda off topic, but my last years walkthrough theme was "Xmas Time in Hell". It was actually my wife's idea. I bought a bunch of cheap christmas stuff after christmas 2013 and basically destroyed for my haunt. My oldest daughter's character is the chainsaw guy, and we turned her into chainsaw santa. It was great and everyone loved it. So i guess it's OK to destroy christmas for kids as long as it falls on Oct. 31st.

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yeah, I heard about that too, as well as the scream remake for MTV, and OOOO! Ash Vs. The Evil dead coming this fall! poltergeist gets a remake, Stephen king's IT gets a remake... it's been in talks forever about hellraiser getting a remake... a new texas chainsaw,... yet another Michael Myers movie. And I think I heard something about Critters too. oh... and a goonies sequel. That's all the random horror movie news that I'm up on lol. That and Guillmero Del Toro is going to be creating a new beauty and the beast.
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