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This is one that doesn't come around very often. I think this might be one of only two free shares that I know of. It's pretty rare so I'd say you all should grab it while you can. You can see a track list, and info further down in this post. Enjoy!




A1 Dracula's Deuce
A2 Dracula's Theme
A3 LIttle Old Lady From Transylvania
A4 Weird Wolf
A5 Be True To Your Ghoul
A6 Shake, Rattle And Rot
B1 Monsterbilly Heaven
B2 Blood And Butter
B3 The Graveyard Shift
B4 Voo Doo Juice
B5 Bela Be Good
B6 Coffin Nails

If the album art hasn't already given it away, the track listing should--this is another of Beach Boy associate Gary Usher's numerous studio concoctions, this time slanted towards the early-1960s horror-spoof movie and TV craze that reached its zenith with shows like THE MUNSTERS and THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Usher masterfully combines surf and schlock with titles like "Little Old Lady From Transylvania" and "Be True to Your Ghoul," while his circle of L.A. session players, among them soon-to-be music legends like the guitarist and singer Glen Campbell and the drummer Hal Blaine, strut their anonymous, early-'60s stuff.

This amazing album sports 6 marvelous Richie Podolor instrumentals. Some have appeared from other sessions under other titles as the Devons, etc. Many of Podolor's studio tracks rank among the very best of the genre. The album was recorded in October, 1964 at Capitol in Hollywood. Podolor arranged his own instro tracks on the fly, and could generally lay down six intros in one three hour session, often from melodies Richie had "lying around."


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