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The Frankenstein Suite, Movement 3, It's Alive - The Frankenstein Breathes

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Frankenstein - the man who created new life using the disinterred bodies he obtained from nearby graveyards - was in many ways the progenitor for this new work from composer Guy Cavill. The brief was challenging in itself: to build an occult-themed work of symphonic length utilising One Media's extensive library of classical music. The process was something akin to animation, with just a few seconds produced each day. Orchestras were pitch-shifted then finely-tuned, small sections of compositions were multi-layered to create new sonorities. Guy found the method in many ways more demanding than composing itself, necessitating in the listening to hundreds of classical works in order to find an elusive chord or specific sequence of notes to complete a cadence. The result is in effect an entirely new work where melodies are sometimes deliberately recognisable and sometimes not. But one thing is for sure: the listener was always in the forefront of Guy's mind over the months it took to create this 45 minute four-movement work, resulting in the confidence he feels that most people will find something to enjoy in this unique and rather special Frankenstein Suite.
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