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The first of 2009!! to get made up!!

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I had so much fun tonight at this zombie promo shoot! What it was a promo for i have no clue, but i went with my feincie cause we wanted to get made up as a zombie! It was wonderful cause after we where done we went into shop right and omg You should of been their we got "what the hell is going on in hear tonight" and the look on the girls face that was in their with her mother was priceless.... i loved every min of it. And to set the mood even more it is lightly rainingh in NYC tonight and verry cloudy.

Hear is the pic of me from tonight, Let me know what u think!
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Nice makeup job! Very nice shading! You need a bit on your neck as well and also high up on your forehead under your hair.
I know.... I didn't do it, and that pic was from the end of the night also..... Yea so much of a pro that did that make up, but what ever it was still fun.
Looks great! That must have been a fun night.
Very inspirational. I and two of my daughters are Zombies this year to host our haunt. I'm also including living maggot on my face as part of the make-up.

And as far as "Promo" goes, was it a promo for the new Woody Harrelson flick "Zombieland" coming out next Friday?
You know all i know about the promo that it was for a Playstation Game, I have no clue what the game is, but it was that we where at a zombie party on a roof top and the main zombie dude cam and it looked like he has going to kill us cause at first we where protraed as normal people and when he arrived then you saw we where zombies greeting our friend! It was fun, Took a really long time to film though. But i would do it agian!

O man as far as zombie land, I mave mixed feelings about that movie, It lookes to funny to me.

You guys should keep on the look out for more zombie pics from me, i will post them starting in two weeks every FRI,Sat, and SUN nights!!
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