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The final result!!!

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So here are the pictures of the family on Halloween night. I think over all it turned out pretty well. I have never done much makeup before, and had to kind of learn by trail and error on my test runs leading up to the big day. I think there were some that could have been better (the devil/demon needed more depth)

Face Zombie Head Fictional character Flesh

Hair Cool Black hair Photography Fictional character

Hair Face Lip Eyebrow Nose

Forehead Fictional character Zombie

Hair Vehicle door Vehicle Car Blond
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Hmm, looks likes the links are not working - did I do something wrong, or was it just too many to put into a post?

I have created an album and stuck them all in there for now.

If I broke a rule of some sort let me know and I will be glad to fix it.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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