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"Wake up, Tom. Are you awake?"
"Whoa! Who are You!?...oh, I'm sorry my eyes don't always tell me the truth right away, sometimes."
"Do you remember what day it is today?"
Tom's slight smile died so quickly as his conscious mind awoke now.
"Yah, I know."
"You know we also have to prepare you for what will come next, don't you?"
"Yes, I am feeling much more settled and OK with everything than I ever have before, yer doing a good job for me, Pal."
"Does that mean you are ready for an early morning prayer, Tom?"
"I know that you really don't want to hear my prayers, Sir."
"Now, don't say that Tom!"
"You know what I'm saying about our prayers are is true, Mister Preacher, you can only "Hear" my prayers if I'm begging for a ride to heaven, and I'm not ready to go there, yet."
"I would really like to know that you care enough about your soul and the afterlife to confess and to, more so, admit that you were wrong."
"But...I was not wrong, and our God knows it too."
"And you are still lolly-gagging along with your drug-induced "Story" about your victim being an alien from outer space that God pointed out to you, and told you to "Save this world, Now!"
"By making him dead!.. Yes!.. but there were no drugs involved, and possibly soon , you will know that too?"
The Preacher winced at the mere memory of that loudness of that day coming back from that introduction,it still could do it's awful echo inside of his head!?
"God works in mysterious ways, you know."
"So do our nation's armed forces, when they really are like us instead busying themselves giving us ordinary citizens unlawful seizures and searches.'
For what they were doing to you, though, Tommy,The Navy or nobody really deserved what you did. The Navy didn't do anything to deserve what you did to them, and a jury also agreed, remember? .
"But I proved that in court, they did deserve it! "
"They deserved,what?"
"To be watched very diligently, because I just had that feeling, that they were going to mess it up, one way or another"
"Tom, you are making me very uncomfortable with the way that you are talking to me
Tom put his head tipped back as far as it could go, stuck his hand into the" pocket", and then pulled something from the back of his throat!
It was recognized by both of them. The phoney "Preacher knew that he was also "Dead"
To pull, then capture this magnificent, beast before it kills again and now possibly have control over it seemed extremely... unbelievable.. but now the unimaginable was right there, a few scary "Inches" away from the "Preacher".
"Has that "Thing" been living inside of your mouth this entire time?"
"Stop trying to distract me, I know who you really are and why you are here!"
"How? Who? could know this?"
"HE" told me, HE knows." Tom said as he held the small floppy being up in the palm of his hand, part squid, part human-looking.
"It has changed itself to look part human just to fool you, Tom, it is not human at all, i do hope that you realize this!"
"Well, then! Thank you for that revelation! Seems he knows who you really are too, how about that?"
Tom quickly almost slaps the tiny animal into the opposite palm of his left hand as "the Preacher's eyes widen and Tom says, "It's for a better angle of attack, you know!"
And a quick touch to the side of the Preacher's face yields a quick, bright "Flash".. and Tom is alone in his cell.
"I need a little more sleep, after that." Tom says to the jellied creature in his hand who is already growing to assume the "Preacher's" identity.
"That old man-preacher's body is getting quite a "workout', I hope you don't ruin the original man's outlook on life."
Tom fell back to sleep and dreampt of a planet he had never seen before, a place of lush foliage and a whispering song in the air at all times from the plant life's design to catch currents of random air .. everything .. was .. so.. nice.

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As fifteen heavily armed and armored men disembark from an armored bus the gate is opened by one of them with an electronic, hand-held device, and they all file in, careful to not expose their entire silhouettes as they hop and sprint between the sparse shadows of the Prison yard.
"Noise" on the way!" Several helicopters fly low over the cell block covering any sounds made by the advancing party
They are trained to be living "Ghosts" and stealth is their main weapon. They might often be returning to a helicopter or fast small boat before those they attacked are even quite awake yet.(those who were not targeted, that is.)
"There is "Target Tom's cell, we are right upon it now!"
"What do you see of him?"
"Infrared" shows him reclining in his bed,"
"Good! Tear gas grenades in, now!"
Random "Clunks" as numerous such devices explode inside that certain cell in that special cell block, obscuring any sight of the one sleeping there.
Minutes later as the impatient soldiers wait, one of them finally notices that the entire time the gas was so busy working, that there was no sound of breathing coming from the cell?
"Is he in there, or not?"
"The heavy automatic is set up and ready to ramble, Sir!"
"Commence firing!"
The silencers on the heavy machine gun worked very well cancelling out the actual perceived sound of the actual shells exploding from the barrel, only a sound similar to a crumbling , ancient lath and plaster wall were heard as the gun did it's "Job", chewing gouges from the poured concrete wall, and anything else in it's path!
"Slippery-Snake ONE, are we booked?"
"Yes your people are "UP" first, make us all proud."
Time seemed to stop as heartbeats beat out breathing for once, nobody was trying to tell someone else a dirty joke... then came those awful "Man Screams"
"What is happening in there? Somebody creep up to that lower window and give us a live report!"
A 22Yr. old soldier stood on his tip-toes gawking all the time, until he quit,, talking, then he began his screaming?!
Terror effects people somewhat differently, often times, on this mission, upon this day, those who first looked into the French (As in :" building") As the rest circled around back, they all began screaming!
Those lower areas of the show would certainly not have such a job threat, except every man who was there had fatal wounds, as did every woman, man, or little brother, had seen something VERY scary!
It was a world-war two feel you, friend, (IF you had been there)
That murderous cell was filing with numerous products and projects and people, all shot at close range!
The tiny "Cloaking" Device really does work, don'T TRY I I that "I" hides a great many things
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