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Bad 80s song? Cheesy 80s sci-fi film? Nah- the final hours before the big day!
DH is staying home tomorrow (as he usually does) with about 4 or 5 hours of prep left. I'm headed to the airport to pick up our family from England, heading home late afternoon. The forecast is calling for rain until early afternoon, then tapering off to partly cloudy...

All day long people have been wishing us a Happy Halloween- coworkers, neighbors, even the people on hubby's bus. It's nice to see they're taking an interest in the holiday, even if it's nothing more than following our builds. The neighbors have their decorations up throughout the subdivision, with several graveyards, some houses with large lighting displays- and one cul-de-sac with a complete trip through the Wizard of Oz- starting on one side of the street with a tornado coming out of a house and wrapping around to the opposite side of the street where a hot-air balloon keeps company with a pair of oversized ruby slippers. Very nice, and all of them coming together to pull it off? Amazing. I'm hopeful that next year we can do a bigger and better display on our street.

Anyway- all the best tomorrow everyone! Happy Halloween!:D
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