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Finally after about 12 hours labor I can say that 80 feet of fence is complete. Really was easy to do with a drill press and other tools.. Mind you my finger is killing me from spraypainting it so typing is a task ;). Went through maybe 15 cans to do 10 sections. Thanks for all the help.

The breakdown per section is as follows:

3 1/2 pieces 1o foot sections 3/4 PVC pipe. $3.50
2 pieces 1x2's $3.00
24 1 inch screws $.25
12 Kings finiles $4.00
12 3/4 coupling PVC $2.25
1 1/2 can black spraypaint $1.50

Total per section $14.50

Here are the pics


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Great job!! I built my fence like that 2 years ago, and it is in need of major repairs after 2 years of storms and weather. It was so labor intensive to build, I just dread having to repair, or remake parts of it. ugh.

Wish i had a nice new fence all made up, like yours!! ;)

Good job!
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