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I am a new member here at the Halloween Forum!

I have been into costumes since around 1995.

I do have a seamstress that makes my costumes. Though I tend to get additional extras to make a second or third character out of one costume.

With the financial crisis, I have lately checking into stores like Goodwill and so forth.

Coming from Southeast Louisiana I also have Mardi Gras as well as Halloween.

Some of my characters I portray are:

George Washington

Mozart (all in purple)

Johann Sebastion Bach

A Colonial Tradesman

A Colonial Partygoer

French Aristocrat - Monsieur Beaucaire in golden brocade

French Aristocrat - Duke D'Orleans in dark green brocade

Charley's Aunt - From the film and stage play like Jack Benny & Ray Bolger

A Victorian Grandmother complete with pipe, shawl and bun!

A Roman Centurian

Merlin The Magician

A Midieviel Friar

A Countess in a very large hoopskirt with Ermine like capelet and tiara With a set of vampire fangs and real lips this makes a great Halloween costume. "Countess Dracula!

Little Lord Fauntleroy

And from the Thrift stores- Martha Stewart!

Future costumes ( one of these days when the economy turns around)

A Renaissance King
A Pharoah

I willl have to find out how to show photos on the threads and blogs. I assume I can post from photobucket!

It's nice to find a costume forum and be able to duscuss costuming with others.

The Costumer

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Thanks For The Welcome


Thanks for the welcome.

You can see all of my costumes at my site in my picture album.

For 2008 I will be dressing as a woman. A swinging Grandmother no doubt who smokes a pipe and swings a mean purse!

See the attached picture.

The Costumer
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