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The Costumer As Charley's Aunt

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One of my humorous costumes is that taken from the play and film "Charley's Aunt".

This is vary popular play which has been performed on stage, Broadway, films, local theatre groups and high school drama clubs.

However, not everyone is familiar with this play.

So I have set up an album on my site with a short synopsis of this play along with myself costumed as Charley's Aunt as well as some well known actors who have taken the part.

The good news is that I really, really enjoy doing this character and i was able to create another character from the basic outfit, notably The Swinging Granny. These are two of my favorites costumes even though I have to wear a big dress.

The bad news is that this costume was done right before Hurricane Katrina which knocked out a lot of costume functions and thus I have not yet been able to wear it or the Swinging Granny to a function. But things are continuing to get better and I will provide pictures when I do.

Please check out my site! Enjoy!

Below is myself as Charley's Aunt.


The Costumer
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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