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Hello everyone,

I have been haunting this forum for a while now and decided to join. It's raining here so it's a good time to pause construction and introduce myself.

After discovering that the neighborhood my wife and I chose to move into is a goldmine for trick or treaters, literally hundreds came through last year, I have decided to construct "The Corner of Carnage" in my small two car garage. This is the first time I am attempting something like this in my adult life but I have had a passion for everything Halloween since I was a kid as I'm sure many on this forum have had the same "infection" early on.

I seriously lucked out in that the warehouse I supervise has an abundance of scrap plywood, many of it is in like new condition. After figuring out the logistics of having my retired father drive the hour plus commute to my workplace so I can transport the bounty in his truck I knew it was all or nothing and I had to make this haunted house, mostly because if I didn't my wife would kill me for now aquireing some sixty sheets of plywood and having no real place to store it.

I have taken this long weekend to start the construction of the wall panels and begin laying out the path. After the walls started going up and the haunt has begun to become a reality I am overwhelmed with excitement. I have also begun constructing the various props that will inhabit "Arachnophobia ," this year's theme. I can't wait to start interacting with the forum first hand as the journey progresses!

Spook you later,
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