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Okay, so, I have been wanting to post about where I live but haven't gotten around to taking any proper pictures. I had forgotten that last year, around Halloween actually, a short 7+ minute documentary was made about my landlord, Aaron, that was filmed mostly here at The Church. That's what the building is called, btw. In the video there is a part where you can see some Halloween lights. Those are ours. You also get to see Aaron walk by our basil plant in a hallway. Our building is a brilliant work in progress. It's an art collective. My landlord and his wife are really cool and I can actually relate a lot to Aaron. So here is the documentary for you to see. :D

And here are some pictures. Simply because I feel like throwing some in. :D
My wife and I from back in February.
Pirate socks!
Home made nachos!
Shoulder cat! That is Emma. Try to not be consumed by her cuteness!
And a cat pile! Robert (grey), David (tabby), and Pieturo (black). [pee~uh~TOO~row]
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