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(Have you ever been inspired by a picture? Well, this picture became the Kreepfest Holiday card a while back, and now I'm sharing it with you)


Gather one and gather all and I will tell the story
Of Mrs. Claus, the Christmas Witch, a tale more sweet than gory

Quite long ago, and far away, for many varied reasons
An invitation was sent out to the leaders of the seasons

To join for once in feast and song and mix with fun, not fear
To clear the air, to network some, and divy up the year

Sinterklaas, the king of Yule, who some call Santa Claus
Saw a maiden 'cross the vale and wondered who it was

A lovely miss from booted toes to tip of pointy hat
Carrying a besom and trailed by a black cat

"Tis Samhain's daughter Eve" They said "She's far more trick than treat"
Santa shook his head and thought "That girl I just must meet."

And while the others kept away, Santa took his chance
He strolled up to her, deeply bowed, and asked the girl to dance

"Are you not scared?" Eve quipped, amused, her brow cocked with a smirk
"I'd suffer worse to stay away," he winked. "I'd simply go berserk."

They whiled away the long dark hours in each other's company
For they had much in common, and much the same esprit.

Both loved the children of the world and both loved sweets and gifts
Loved giving things to those who asked, and both preferred night shifts

Their love, it grew, and very soon St. Nick approached her father
and begged the king of Halloween to give his imprimatur

The date arrived and they were wed and she became St. Nick's
But Eve was still a witch you know and still was full of tricks

She charmed more than his heart that day, she charmed his reindeer too
With magic words spilled in their ears they soared into the blue

And though the North Pole was their home they'd never suffer cold
Nor would they perish from the earth, though both would still grow old

She taught him how to slow down time and how to infiltrate
Each and every sleeping house across the sooty grate

How to speak in every tongue and each one understand
And how to visit, in one night, the kids of every land

She made the sack that holds his haul of gifts for girls and boys
She even called up elves to be his helpers making toys

And on December twenty-fourth, while Santa's bringing X-mas
She settles in with horror flicks and has a little hex-mas

So they've remained throughout the years. My tale you must believe.
He'll forever be her Mr. Claus and she his Christmas Eve

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What a creative and incredible concept! LOVE IT!! "Marrying" those two together!! Pure blasphemy! (For some) But look at how right this all could play.
Might this mean that Santa;s sister-in-laws might be the Gorgon girls? If so, they could provide good security around the Santa outpost.

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WOW! That was awesome and well written!!! I love it!!! {standing ovation} Eviliz, would you be okay if I reposted this for my friends on the station wagon forums to read? All credit going to you, of course.
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