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The Caretaker IS HERE!!!

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This is The Caretaker makeup I did (with and without the wig).... What can I improve on?

Face Head Forehead Nose Jaw


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Good job!
You still look really youthful though, have you tried adding texture to your face to make it looked dried out and wrinkly? liquid latex will do that with the right technique.
The hair seems to be a bit much. Long and grey is good. but to much on top. A couple years ago I found a wig top that was a balding, so had hair only around the sides. Besides that looks like a good start
Put some lipstick on that pig.
lol Or add a well worn hat and take some red out of the skin tone, maybe grey or at least a bit more ashen.
Looks amazing. I like the idea of the thinning/balding hair too.
You look pretty good already, but I agree about the balding wig and the grayer skin tone. I think your eyes betray your youth, so I would consider some colored eyedrops - that would be the coup de grace. Hope this helps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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