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The Butler did it... Creepy Butler prop

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Mask $22, new mohair $16-1/2 yard, suit and shoes $12 Salvation Army, 3/4" pvc frame $10, gloves $2, knife $3, candelabra $9.

Original mask

Fictional character Mask Costume Fur Werewolf

After making a new wig

Fur Costume Headgear Mask Fur clothing

Not quite finished but should be tomorrow

Fur Facial hair Fictional character Interior design

Mask Costume Personal protective equipment Gas mask Headgear
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Idk who makes it, it's advertised online as a mortician. As for the hair, I like the clean look for a butler, makes him look a lot more distinguished vs the awful yellowish nap he had. I think it works for the costume. I will be posting more later today.
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