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"The Bride" completed

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Here she is guys. It only took me 5 1/2 months...lol, but I wasn't in any kind of hurry. I just wanted to get her done by Halloween. How-to's for everything except the dress are posted in the Tutorial section in 6 parts. Here are the links


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Mary Mother of God!! Just when you think you've seen the standout creation of the year, something like this comes along and blows everything out of the water!!
That is nothing short of perfect! Looks like a figure in a wax museum.
Fantastic talent and the pictures you took are outstanding!
You should seriously consider commissioning your work. You'd have a lot of interest.

(grumbles and goes to smash of all my own props.)

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I actually had to go back and re-read the first post because I thought it was a live actor in the dress that he made! I then realized that he made..the whole thing!!! Incredible...just incredible.

I am glad to see a fellow haunter really put together an incredible piece of work, I am sure this cost a fortune to make but you will have it forever and it looks as high end as it gets. Wish I had your talent!!

Super work!


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Thank you everyone. She doesn't weigh all that much, maybe 20 lbs including the stand which is on rollers. Most of that weight is in the pipe and plywood. BTW, she measures in at 6' tall including the stand. You should have seen me trying to get that dress over her head :) I'm only 5' tall, not including the stand. I had to use a stepstool.

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Laurie - she is so just so incredible. Your talent is beyond measure. I loved the props you showed me at HauntX, but your skills are just so unbelievable on this prop. I'm looking forward to your future props. If you progress this quickly, I can't imagine what's next.

P.S. PM me about Knott's

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There are many very talented people here, but you are truly gifted Laurie. And I don't mean the "wore a helmet riding in the short bus to school" kind of gifted!
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