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I think I messed up the mixing ratios, or maybe the materials themselves. Not sure. Lowe's didn't have a 'box' of drywall compound, just an 18 pound sack. Mixed that with the latex paint and water...was pretty sure it was a total failure but 45 minutes later, the fabric was sure enough hardening. So we righted it [ it was on the ground] but that kind of broke the molded fabric in cracks.
Once it was righted on a tomato cage we attempted to reshape it to kind of a forlorn look, and saw that lumps of powder had not been well mixed into the mud. It wasn't terrible, actually - the texture gave it kind of a creepy look, like smallpox or something. Since there were cracks in the fabric, we were basically dipping out hands in the drywall mixture and smoothing heaps of mud over the fabric again in hopes it will harden.
It may be a loss, we'll find out tomorrow when it's dry.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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