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The anticapation build up

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How many of you feel tired when the big night comes around? I'm so excited in the off seasons that I get bored when the halloween actually comes. How do you deal with it? Is that bad or is that good?

Right now I'm in my pre-planning stages where I have most of the stuff set in stone. It's just when October comes I kinda get sick of it all. Should I start this early so I'm not bummed out or is this a normal feeling?
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The halloween burn-out has been happening to me every year with increasing severity, although that may have something to do with the fact that every year my party gets bigger and the tasks get more complicated!!! ^_^

I had a bit of an incident happen at my party last year, which tainted the memories a bit and actually burnt me out for a good few months. I have only just started to think about Halloween again and am looking forward to a totally different kind of Halloween for 2009 - hopefully the best one yet now I can learn from my mistakes :)
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