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The anticapation build up

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How many of you feel tired when the big night comes around? I'm so excited in the off seasons that I get bored when the halloween actually comes. How do you deal with it? Is that bad or is that good?

Right now I'm in my pre-planning stages where I have most of the stuff set in stone. It's just when October comes I kinda get sick of it all. Should I start this early so I'm not bummed out or is this a normal feeling?
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I've been getting burned out lately ..just cuz i put all the effort into decorating ,then i get only like 4-5 TOTers and i'm always tired after october has ended....and i know everyone can agree ....this hobby /passion/ addiction, is a lot of work!!!!!...but i ain't gonna quit...
unless i get to go to salem Mass. for halloween 1 year.. LOL
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